Nicaragua’s Largest Movie Theater Chain Gains Scalability and Reduces Costs with Microsoft Cloud

CINEMAS modernized its IT infrastructure and improved its operational efficiency thanks to a strategic partnership with OSOMCO. The adoption of Microsoft 365 productivity tools and the Azure Cloud provided CINEMAS with a competitive edge in the entertainment industry market.

By moving to the cloud, CINEMAS was able to save up to 60% in costs related to hardware, software, and electricity. This was achieved by eliminating the need for on-premises servers and expensive datacenter infrastructure.

The company also reduced about 240 hours of server maintenance and management time which was turned over towards more strategic activities focused on business growth.

In addition to significant cost savings, a modern Azure infrastructure provided CINEMAS with the scalability needed to expand its business without the need to increase staff or invest in more real estate. Between 2012 and 2018, CINEMAS managed to increase the number of movie theaters from 18 to 31, thanks to the ability to rapidly scale IT resources keeping pace with the demand.

Microsoft 365 also enabled CINEMAS with a complete set of collaboration and communication tools that kept their teams connected. These tools facilitated resource sharing, detailed inventory, and cost control, allowing CINEMAS to analyze sales fluctuations and make more informed decisions to optimize their operations.

CINEMAS takes pride in successfully completing this digital transformation and considers OSOMCO a reliable and expert partner on their path to innovation.

The OSOMCO team is thrilled to have been an integral part of this exciting process of transformation and innovation that has led to growth and success.