Microsoft 365 Migration and Business Process Modernization for “SchuVar Tours”

When SchuVar Tours decided to modernize its infrastructure and way of working in 2021, OSOMCO was at the forefront of their minds, thanks to a recommendation from a client who had already undergone this process with their assistance. As cloud natives, OSOMCO’s 100% remote team has always been able to understand and utilize Microsoft innovations at a granular level, which they then replicate with their clients.

SchuVar was ready for change. They wanted to boost their productivity, organization, communication, and collaboration by moving to the cloud. But they needed a reliable partner to guide them through this journey. That is where OSOMCO came in. With over 6 years of experience in cloud transformation for various companies, OSOMCO knew how to tailor Microsoft tools and services to SchuVar’s needs and goals.

With OSOMCO’s support, SchuVar underwent a major digital transformation. They adopted Microsoft 365 cloud-based technology to work smarter, faster, and better. They followed OSOMCO’s Digital Workplace methodology to secure and simplify their critical information, instead of scattering it across different third-party services. They also aligned their processes and established a sole source of truth for their customer data. This was a meaningful change for a company that had been relying on outdated methods for too long.

The transition to Microsoft 365 had a snowball effect on the organization, ensuring the security of their digital assets, improving sales management, and other internal and external processes.

A premium service that sets SchuVar Tours apart from their competitors is the “Consular Assistance”. This service helps customers with their visa and passport issues, thanks to the expertise of a seasoned team. SchuVar Tours wanted to make this service even better by creating a new appointment system that was easy, fast, and convenient. They trusted OSOMCO, their long-term partner, to give them the best advice to achieve this improvement, and OSOMCO did not disappoint. They showed them how to achieve their goal by using a service they already had: Microsoft Bookings. Empowering customers to manage their own appointments boosted the customer loyalty process. This led to successful management of their brand identity.

Thanks to OSOMCO’s training, the client transformed their appointment system with Microsoft Bookings. They no longer had to track appointments using an Excel sheet. They had an automated system that was self-managed by the applicants. Through a simple form on their website, users interested in the “Consular Assistance” service could book their appointments without any hassle. No intermediaries, phone calls, or other types of contact needed. The client also took their service to the next level by offering it online through Microsoft Teams. They made their appointment system more orderly, fast, and convenient with Microsoft Bookings.

OSOMCO Digital Workplace and Microsoft Bookings, helped SchuVar Tours increase their profit margins by streamlining offers and sales, expanding services, and improving internal coordination between departments

The OSOMCO team is proud to have been part of this transformation and improvement process for their client. From the beginning of their relationship through a referral from previous clients, to guiding them in their digital transformation process, and becoming their trusted advisors before making technology decisions. This allowed them to save on fixed costs as they didn’t need new technology, having Microsoft Bookings in place.